Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Usage of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for Upholstery

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for upholstery is just the best idea ever. As we all know, this kind of paint must often be sought by a lot of people who fancy the vintage look. The classic vintage look with vintage pale color palette is very easy on the eyes and can turn your house into a unique vintage themed house. There will be no more old boring look furniture in your house as you can repaint your old boring look furniture into marvelous vintage furniture that everyone will admire. If you have an old chair with upholstery and it has not been used for years because it is considered as outdated, you can turn it into new furniture with vintage color. Once you repaint the chair, no one will notice that it is an old chair. You can even sell it to make more money. Below is more information about the usage of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint forupholstery.

Why Paint the Upholstery with The Chalk Paint?

Well basically, this paint is very easy to use and you can apply this paint on anything from wooden surface, metal surface, plastic surface, even to fabric such as on upholstery. By painting your outdated upholstery on your old chairs, you will turn the old boring chair into a unique vintage themed chair. You will elevate the aesthetic value of the chair and if you decide to sell the chair, it will give you a lot of money for the uniqueness.

Example of The Paint for Upholstery

You can give a super vintage look on your old chair by using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for upholstery. First of all, prepare your chair and one pot of the paint in any color your desire. In this example, the base color will be cream and on the middle of the upholstery there will be blue stripe. The paints used here is Cream Chalk Paint for the base and Napoleonic Blue paint for the stripe. For the base color, make a paint mixture consist of one part of the Cream paint and one part of water. To make the work easier, fill sprayer with water and use it to mist the upholstery to make it damp. So, the fabric will absorb the mixture easily and it will avoid the fabric from getting stiff. Paint the surface of the upholstery using the mixture. Do at least two coats or more of paints. Once you done, dry it for 24 hours and you can start painting the stripe in the middle of the upholstery using mixture consist of one part of the Napoleonic Blue paint and one part of water. Do not forget to glaze the chair’s arms and the chair’s legs as the finishing.

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