Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chalk Paint Dresser: An Excellent Home Decor

Chalk paint dresser can give a little bit accents to the bedroom. Select the color and size of the dresser that match the theme of bedroom design.
Dresser is one of piece of furniture that has important role in home especially in the bedroom. To beautify your bedroom, you can select various choices of chalk paint dresser. Besides, you can also makeover the older dresser in your bedroom by using chalk paint. Furthermore, you can also create the recipe of chalk paint. Before starting the project, you better browse some ideas firstly from internet in order to get the best result in dresser project. Below are several examples in dong the project by yourself without wasting many times and money.

The chalk paint dresser make over project

First things that you must considered when doing dresser project is about its color. Select the new color that can cover up the old color of the dresser. For example, if your dresser is white, you can cover it with blue, brown, or others. Make sure that the chalk paint dresser color can coherent with others bedroom furniture. You can select light blue to give a little bit lighter theme in your bedroom. Besides, the dark color such as espresso or black that can bring exclusive bedroom in your home.

To accent the chalk paint dresser, you can also put the glass knobs. Find it on local stores on online stores. Related to the chalk paint project, you must consider also whether you want distressed look for its finish or not since it will influence the ingredients of paint. Truthfully, chalk paint doesn’t always mean old look. But, it can create modern and fresh look also. To make your bedroom ore interested, you can create the feel and look of the chalk paint and its wax over the poly and latex on the piece of the furniture.

The recipe for chalk paint dresser

For creating professional look, you can apply the finish which always has been on a piece of furniture not only just painting it. However, the finish is truly glossy and smooth without the tackiness of latex. Since there are many recipes for chalk paint project, you apply calcium carbonate powder tips to create chalk paint in your home. This chalk paint dresser recipe can be mixed with any paint or primer. You can buy those ingredients in local stores or online stores. This can save your budget and time since the ingredients is not too expensive rather the branded product of chalk paint.

The first step that you must do is sanding the whole surface of the dresser by using 100 grit of sandpaper. In sanding process, you better use the hand approach to get best result. It takes about five minutes. After that, you must clean off sanding grit over the dresser. After mixing the recipe for chalk paint dresser project, then you can start to apply it. For a dresser, you probably only need 2 cups of chalk paint. Those amounts can be used for 3 lights of coats over the dresser.

After applying the recipe for chalk paint dresser, you can let it dry for about 24 hours before waxing process. This process is mainly purposed to add sheen and to protect the finish. But, it depends on your preferences whether you want to wax it or not.

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