Thursday, January 21, 2016

Easy Ways to Chalk Paint Dining Table

Chalk paint dining table is not something difficult to do if you use Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and wax. There are only five easy steps to follow to make your dining table look new.
Actually, it is not a difficult thing to do to chalk paint any furniture, including dining table if you can choose the right chalk paint to go with. If you don’t want to spend too much time to refinish your dining table, the writer would suggest you to use Annie Sloan chalk paint. Although it is said to be easy to use her paint, there are still some steps you need to go through to chalk paint dining table. Here, we will talk about it one by one.

Step #1: Working on the Nicks, Scratches, and Dents

Chalk painting dining table really is a piece-of-cake thing to do. If you have chosen the color you want to paint on your dining table, it is the time to work on the damages on it. If it is an old one, there must be something like nicks, scratches, and dents on it. All you need to do is to fill them with putty and sand it till smooth. It should have turned the surface back to normal.

Step #2: Painting

After you are done filling the damage on your dining table, you can move on to the next step that is panting. Apply the chalk paint with your paintbrush to make first coat. Make sure you use the paintbrush that doesn’t shed and leave brush strokes too much. Let the first coat to dry for some minutes. Then, put on the second coat. This time, wait for around 30 minutes for the coat of chalk paint on dining table to dry completely.

Step #3: Sanding

The third step you need to follow to chalk paint dining table is sanding. Once you are sure that the paint is dry completely, check out for brush strokes and drips. This is where you should have sanded them out with sanding pad. Once you are done, the painted surface will be completely smooth. Your dining table should have looked fine already, but it is not the last step here.

Step #4: Waxing

After the steps of working on the damages, painting dining table with chalk paint and sanding the paint on it are done, waxing is the next thing you should have done. Use soft dry cloth first to wipe off the dust. Then, you can apply a thin coat of wax. For the wax, the writer would recommend you to use Annie Sloan’s Soft Clear Wax. After you are sure that the wax on the dining table has dried, you can use soft dry cloth to rub the table to make it shine.

Step #5: Letting the Wax to Cure Nice and Hard

Although this last step is not something you can do with effort like what has been done on the four steps above, it is still a crucial thing to do. Well, all you need to do is to patiently wait though. Just let your dining table sit for overnight or so to give the chance for the wax to cure nice and hard completely. By the next day, your dining table should have been okay to be used in your dining room. See? These are the easy ways of putting chalk paint dining table, right?

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